Freelance Vs In-House Copywriter: Which Should You Hire?

Almost every marketing agency and large business needs copywriting. But deciding whether you should hire a copywriter as part of your in-house team, or outsource the work to a freelancer, can be a tough call. Both options come with a range of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each so you can decide which is right for your business.

Advantages Of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

Right now, freelancing is exploding in popularity, both in Australia and across the globe. Freelancers currently make up over a third of Australia’s workforce. And that’s not including the thousands of full-time workers who do freelance work in their spare time.

While this trend is being driven by employees wanting more freedom and flexibility, there are plenty of businesses jumping on board to hire freelance workers instead of an in-house team. This is especially true when it comes to creative work such as copywriting.

Should your business be one of them? Let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring a freelance copywriter over someone in-house:

Wider Talent Pool

Freelance copywriters can work from anywhere. This means you aren’t restricted to hiring someone in your local area. Instead, you can access a diverse talent pool from across Australia (or even the world).

The best copywriters can be expensive, especially on a full-time basis. Freelancing gives you the option to hire a top copywriter on a per-project basis instead. This means you can benefit from the best whenever you have an important project, ensuring top-notch results without blowing your budget.

Group of freelance copywriters standing in a line, one holding a sign that says "pick me."


Most freelance copywriters work on a per-project basis, allowing you to control your budget more effectively. You only pay for the work you need, without the overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

You don’t need to pay a salary (which is around $92k/year for a copywriter)… nor do you have to pay super, worker’s comp, sick days, public holiday rates, or provide office space or equipment. It also means you avoid paying for professional development because committed freelancers upskill themselves.

All up, you could save tens of thousands of dollars a year by outsourcing to a freelancer instead of hiring someone full-time.

Greater Flexibility

Unlike with an in-house employee, you aren’t obliged to provide constant work to a freelance copywriter. Instead, you can engage them as needed, making things adaptable to your business’s changing demands.

This flexibility is especially advantageous for businesses with fluctuating workloads or seasonal projects. Whether you need a quick turnaround on a rush job, or additional support during busy periods, freelancers are often available to accommodate tight deadlines and adjust their workload accordingly. You can scale your copywriting efforts up or down as needed, without the constraints of maintaining a full-time in-house team.

Diverse Expertise

Freelance copywriters often have experience across various industries and styles of copywriting. Some might be great SEO copywriters, while others might write fantastic email copy. Some will have experience writing for the real estate industry, while others might have more projects under their belts writing for coaches and consultants. Hiring a freelancer can provide you with greater flexibility to meet your specific needs.

If you’re a marketing agency that has a wide variety of clients, this can come in handy. You can have a network of freelancers and allocate work to each one based on their specialty. The copy they write will almost certainly be better than if you had a single in-house copywriter trying to cover every type of industry and style.

Easier To Manage

When you hire a freelance copywriter, you simplify your management. Freelancers work independently, taking charge of their tasks with minimal supervision. This reduces the need for constant oversight, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

With fewer administrative duties, you can concentrate on strategic planning and business growth, leading to a smoother workflow overall.

Advantages Of Hiring An In-House Copywriter

Now we’ve covered freelancers, let’s look at the other side of the coin – in-house copywriters. Historically, almost all famous copywriters worked in-house for large advertising agencies. Whether it’s Claude Hopkins or Helen Landsor Resor (the first female copywriter to design and implement national advertising campaigns in the US), many of the greatest copywriters were employees of someone else.

With freelancing skyrocketing in popularity in recent years, agencies and large businesses have moved away from this model, often choosing to outsource instead. However, there are still many benefits to hiring a copywriter in-house.

Deep Understanding Of Your Brand

An in-house copywriter becomes immersed in your values and voice. This deep understanding allows them to craft copy that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

If you have a branding document, for example, they have the time to become intimately familiar with it (they may even write it themselves). The result is often a more consistent tone of voice, with copy that perfectly fits your brand and business.

Immediate Availability

With an in-house copywriter, you have direct access to their writing skills whenever you need them. There’s no need to wait for freelancers to become available or to negotiate project timelines – your in-house copywriter is there to jump on tasks as soon as they arise.

If something urgent comes up – whether it’s a new job or some edits on an existing project – you can walk over to their desk and ask them to rearrange their schedule. It offers greater convenience than a freelancer, which might be worth the price.

In-house copywriter sitting at her desk while her boss and another team member give her instructions.


If you hire an in-house copywriter, YOU are their only client. Freelancers, on the other hand, need to juggle a number of clients in order to make a full-time living. They might work on multiple copywriting projects on any given day and can’t always put your business first.

An employee, however, will always be available to your needs. You will be number one to them because you are paying to keep a roof over their head. You’ll never have to fight for attention, and you’ll have greater control over the quality and direction of the copy they write.

Easier Communication

Communication is streamlined when you have an in-house copywriter on your team. They’re readily available for meetings, feedback sessions, and last-minute adjustments, facilitating smoother communication channels compared to working with external freelancers.

In-house copywriters can also work more closely with other members of your team, including designers and project managers. This makes collaboration easier and ensures the copy is aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

How To Choose Between An In-House Copywriter And A Freelancer

Now we’ve looked at the benefits, it’s decision time. Which is better for you – hiring a freelance copywriter or adding a full-time staff member to your team?

Ultimately, the choice will depend on your specific needs and business. Here’s a checklist of six questions you can ask yourself to make the decision easier:

1. What’s Your Budget?

Take a look at your budget and determine whether hiring a full-time employee or outsourcing to a freelancer aligns with your constraints. Can you afford an ongoing commitment to a full-time employee, including their salary, benefits, and superannuation, as well as professional development and upskilling?

2. Do You Have An Office And Equipment?

If you’re going to hire an in-house copywriter, you’ll need an office for them to work! On top of that, you’ll need to provide access to an ergonomic workstation, screen, laptop and other necessary equipment. Plus, you’ll also need relevant insurance to cover them while they’re on site.

3. Does Your Workload Fluctuate?

If your workload fluctuates seasonally or project-based, freelancers may offer more flexibility to accommodate changing demands. There’s no point paying $100k to an in-house copywriter if they’re going to sit there twiddling their thumbs 6 months of the year.

4. Where Are You Located?

Remember, location dictates your talent pool when hiring staff. If you’re situated in a remote area with limited access to skilled copywriters, freelancers may provide a broader talent pool for you to choose from.

5. Is There A Conflict Of Interest?

In-house copywriters prioritise your business as their sole client, offering undivided attention and greater control over the quality and direction of the copy. They also mean there’s no conflict of interest, which may arise from freelancers who serve multiple clients. Most freelancers are trustworthy, but you can protect intellectual property with a non-disclosure agreement for peace of mind.

6. How Important Is Communication?

If you want someone who is available at all times, hiring someone full-time might be the best option. If there’s more flexibility, you can opt for a freelancer. A happy medium could be to find a freelance copywriter in the same time zone – especially one with prompt communication via email and Slack.

How To Get The Best Of Both Worlds…

If you want to hire an in-house copywriter, then good luck with your search! However, if you’d rather go the freelance route, The Copy Brothers can help.

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