What Is White Label Copywriting?

White label copywriting is copy that is written anonymously by one copywriter, then sold by another company as though they had produced it. For example, a marketing agency could outsource copywriting to a white label copywriter, then present the copy to their client as their own work.

Why Use White Label Copywriting For Your Marketing Agency?

White label copywriting allows you to offer copywriting services, without making a long-term commitment to hiring an in-house writer. It’s useful if you run a marketing agency that:

  • Needs a copywriter but can’t afford the overheads (salary, super, office space, training, equipment) to hire one in-house
  • Have an in-house copywriter, but need extra capacity to meet the fluctuating workloads of agency life (“feast or famine”)

With white label copywriting, you can always meet your client’s copywriting needs, without referring them elsewhere or leaving money on the table.

What Kind Of Content Can You White Label?

You can white label any kind of content you want. It really depends on what you offer your clients, what there is demand for, and what your copywriter can produce. The most common assets you might hire a white label copywriter to write include:

  • SEO website copy
  • Blog articles
  • Emails
  • Sales funnel assets like landing pages, squeeze pages, and lead magnets
  • Facebook or Google ads
  • Brochures
  • Video scripts

How Does White Labelling Work?

If you want to find and onboard a white label copywriter you can follow this simple, step-by-step process.

Make A Shortlist Of Potential Copywriters

The first step is to find copywriters who offer a white label service. Check with your network and ask your in-house staff if they know anyone, or throw “white label copywriter” into a Google or LinkedIn search.

Reach Out To Your Shortlist

Send a message to each copywriter you’re interested in asking to discuss their white label service. That might be via email or a LinkedIn message, or they might have a website with a contact form. Let the copywriter know what you want to be written and ask whether they have a portfolio to get an idea of their style.

Request A Quote (Or Set A Budget)

Ask for a quote or work out a budget for the copy based on what you’re charging the client. Make sure you mark up your services, so the extra back-and-forth communication is worth it for you financially. Most copywriters offer a discount for white label services because you’re taking care of the client communication for them.  

Agree On Terms

Discuss and agree on the specific details of the first project, including:

  • How quickly you need the work turned around
  • How many rounds of edits are included in the price
  • How many days/weeks you have to pay the copywriter’s invoice

Send The Copywriter A Brief

Put together a detailed brief, including information about the client and their target market. This is important since the copywriter won’t speak directly to the client, so you need to provide adequate detail.

The Copywriter Does The Work And Sends It To You

Before you send it on to the client, review the copy. This is where two rounds of edits can be beneficial: one round for you, in case you need it before it goes to the client; and one round for the client, so you know they’ll be happy with the work.

You Deliver The Project

You send the completed work to the client and charge them directly. You pay the copywriter for the agreed-upon fee.

If you love their work, you can skip straight to the pricing stage the next time you work with them. Each time the process will become more streamlined as you finetune your working relationship.

Step-by-step white label process, from copywriting to agency owner celebrating with money.

4 Tips For Finding A Great White Label Copywriter

1. Choose An Experienced Writer

Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t completely discount a new copywriter who is eager to make a name for themselves. But an experienced copywriter with a proven track record means you take less risk.

Can you really afford to hire a copywriter who tanks the job and blows out your tight timeline?

It’s a bonus if you find a copywriter who’s worked with agencies before and understands the process. Not only will it be smoother, but they’re more likely to price their services reasonably because they understand all the other costs you need to budget for, such as strategy, design, advertising, office space, and wages (not to mention paying yourself!).

2. Choose One Who Understands Your Clients

If you’re an agency that helps real estate or property clients, look for a copywriter with experience in property. They’ll be able to deliver copy that resonates with your clients and their target market, and you won’t waste time bringing them up to speed.

3. Choose A Copywriter Who Can Hit Your Deadlines

Many freelance copywriters ask for 4-week delivery times, which can be unfeasible for most agencies. It simply doesn’t allow enough time for strategy, design, and development.

Of course, you could find a copywriting agency instead, but you will get a different copywriter each time and you won’t be able to build a strong working relationship with them.

At The Copy Brothers, because there are two of us, we can offer better turnaround times than most other freelance copywriters – while still delivering the high quality and personal relationship you’d expect from an individual freelancer.

4. Consider A Retainer

You can continue sending work to your white label copywriter as your clients demand. However, one of the downsides of this approach is that you run the risk of them being unavailable or tied up with other projects. If you want to lock in capacity or you require extremely fast turnaround times, you can offer them a retainer. This can be a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that gives you the stability of an in-house team member, without the commitment of paying a full-time salary.

3 Common Myths About White Label Copywriting

Two signs, one says myths and one says facts

Myth: White label copywriting is low-quality or generic.
Reality: Most white label copywriters are experienced pros with a full roster of their own happy clients. They just need to fill in gaps in their workload, and taking on outsourced work is a great way to do this.

Myth: White label copywriting diminishes your agency’s quality of service.
Reality: If you find a great copywriter who delivers consistent, high-quality copy, you can leverage their expertise to improve the service you provide to your clients. Plus, because their work is white labelled, you can take all the credit for the results.

Myth: White label copywriting is expensive.
Reality: White label copywriting should save you money by lowering your overall costs. Instead of paying expensive overheads such as a salary for an in-house team member, you’re using a variable cost that only increases when your revenue does. This allows you to cope better during quiet periods when your agency income drops off.

Need A White Label Copywriter For Your Australian Digital Marketing Agency?

If you’re an Aussie digital marketing agency needs a good freelance copywriter to help handle your workload, we can help. We’re both based in Melbourne, Australia, and have experience working with agencies before.

We understand you need someone who can deliver on a brief, on time and on budget, with minimal fuss. If you’d like to have a quick chat about how we can help your agency, you can send us a message about our white label copywriting services here.