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Feel like your ecom brand is a wallflower at the big dance? Let's give it some moves 🕺🏻

Get Heard Over The Crowd Of Ecommerce Voices

If you own one of the 4.4+ million Shopify ecommerce stores online today, you’re fighting tooth and nail for your share of the sales. But given only 10-20% of online businesses will succeed, you need more than an amazing product that fills a gap in the market.

As expert ecommerce copywriters, we’ll give your brand a unique voice that connects with your target market and whips them into a buying frenzy. You’ll stand out from the crowd with an exciting edge that puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

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Boost Ecommerce Sales While Wearing Fewer Hats In Your Business

You may be tempted to write your own copy – and you know what? That makes financial sense for some ecommerce brand owners. But if a jump of 1%, 2%, 5%, or more in your conversion rate will make a meaningful difference to your profits… it’s absolutely worth the investment.

Drawing on 8+ years’ combined experience writing for ecommerce brands, we’ll write laser-sharp copy that helps you make more sales with fewer clicks. You’ll see an uptick in customer engagement and revenue, while freeing up time to focus on growth.


Hone Your Voice With Ecommerce Copywriting

With our copywriting chops in your corner, your ecommerce brand will have a consistent voice across all customer touch points, from your product pages to your PPC ads and beyond.

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Ecommerce Store Copywriting

  • Home page
  • Product descriptions
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • FAQs
  • 404 error message
  • Pop-ups and sign-up forms
  • Blog posts & SEO
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Email Flows & Campaigns

  • Copy
  • Design
  • Subject lines
  • Preview text
  • Split testing
  • List segmentation
  • Deliverability
  • Image alt text
  • CTA buttons
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  • Hook
  • Body copy
  • Headlines
  • Description text
  • Video scripts
  • Competitor research
  • Split testing

It'll Still Sound Like Your Brand... Just That Little Bit Better

Feel a little protective over your ecommerce brand? Like it’s almost part of your family? We know trusting an outsider to write in your brand’s voice is daunting. You want someone who cares about your story, understands why you’re unique, and communicates that message to your customers in an engaging way.

The last thing we want is to lose sight of why you’re special! We’ll work closely with you to nail your voice, while carefully integrating copywriting techniques that are proven to convert. Your brand will still feel like it’s part of your family… it’ll just be the rich Uncle who gives expensive gifts at Christmas.

Why Choose Us For Ecommerce Copywriting?

Here’s what sets us apart from the pack…

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8+ Years Of Combined Experience

We’re not recent grads from some online copywriting course. We’ve spent 8+ years refining our skills writing high-converting copy, so you get the best results possible for your ecommerce brand.

Money changing hands due to high-converting copywriting

High-converting Copy

In ecommerce, every advantage counts. Our razor-sharp copy can help increase conversion rates, get more bang for your PPC buck, and boost your bottom line.

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Copy That's A Reusable Asset

Love an ad we wrote? Adore the email content we crafted? Get more bang for your buck by reusing our copy across other mediums, like social media posts or product packaging.

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Worked For 7-figure Brands

We’ve worked with multiple 7-figure brands to hone their message, connect with their customers, and make products fly off the warehouse shelves.

Ecommerce Copywriting FAQs

If you’ve already got high-converting Facebook ads, cool product descriptions, and an awesome Shopify home page, then you don’t really need an Ecommerce copywriter. However if you don’t have any of those things… or if you simply don’t the time to keep up with everything… hiring a copywriter can help.

We charge $100 per hour for one-off tasks, or we can agree on a set fee per project (this generally works out cheaper for you). If you’d like a more accurate quote, fill out the form below and let us know more details about what you need.

We’re copywriters based in Melbourne, Australia… but we work remotely, so we can service your business from anywhere in the world (hooray for the internet).

It depends on the amount of copy you need written. However as a general guide, it might take a day for a Shopify home page and about us page, whereas a product description might only take an hour.

Yes, one of us will write the copy (sometimes both of us, if it’s a large project or we want a second set of eyes). We don’t outsource to other copywriters or AI robots. So you can rest easy knowing the person you communicate with will be the one doing the work.

We always ask for examples of something you like to reduce the chances you’ll be unhappy with our copy (for example, you could send us a previous product description you’ve written, or a website of another company who’s copy you like). If we’ve agreed on a set fee for the project, we’ll also include 2 rounds of revisions to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the copy.

What People Say About Us

“Todd and Lee are super talented writers. Very creative and the copy they came up with was on brand and on point with my customers. Plus they were super easy to work with from start to finish, delivered everything on time and gave me regular updates. Would definitely recommend them.”

Chiragh Dey
Imagineer Group

Hiring Lee and Todd to write your copy is one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make. I’ve known them for over 5 years now and their copy is razor sharp, cuts to the bone of your market’s deepest desires, and ultimately converts your traffic into itching-to-buy clients. Whether you need a simple landing page or an advanced sales funnel for a sophisticated audience, the boys will deliver the goods for you.”

Zac Pranskunas
Copy Chief & Managing Director
Direct Results Marketing​

“Todd absolutely NAILED it. The guy is a WEAPON when it comes to copywriting and an absolute pleasure to work with. The writing was compelling, reads well, and straight to the point. No fluff. I 100% recommend Todd. Thank-you thank-you thank-you!”

Mitchell Stone
Invest With Mitch

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