As a copywriter who works on a lot of sales funnels, I know that squeeze pages (sometimes called opt-in or lead capture

A lot of copywriters will tell you that they aren’t great writers; they simply follow proven copywriting frameworks to ensure the psychology

Food and copywriting. My passion and my profession combined in one article. I’ve compiled a list of food copywriting examples that’ll turn

Most people know that if you can get links from other websites to point to your own, you’ll rank higher in search

If you’re a business owner or a marketing head, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘copywriting‘ and ‘content writing’ thrown around interchangeably. However,

Email copywriting is an essential ingredient for e-commerce success today. Customer acquisition costs for e-commerce brands rose a whopping 222% from 2014

In the last marketing email you received, you may have noticed a little nugget of text tucked away at the end after

An open loop is a copywriting technique that builds intrigue. The idea is to “open” a loop the person reading is so