21 Jokes And 7 Memes For Copywriters

Copywriting is an exciting and challenging profession that requires creativity, wit, and a way with words. As both an SEO copywriter and a direct response copywriter (here’s the difference if you want to know), I often find myself navigating the complexities of language and marketing, while maintaining my sense of humour.

In this light-hearted article, I’ll share some jokes and memes that capture the essence of being a copywriter and the unique experiences that come with it.

21 Copywriting Jokes

1. An SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, restaurant, and drinks beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, liquor while eating snacks, bites, light meals, small plates, tapas.

2. How many copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb?
Change?! Why would I change it? Screw you, it’s perfect as is. I’ve been involved in hundreds of other light bulbs in my career and they all converted well, you have no idea what you’re on about.

3. What did the copywriter say during his wedding vows?
“My darling, I love you more than life itself. From the moment I met you, I knew that lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”

4. Most people fear Freddy Krueger entering their dreams.
Copywriters fear anonymous capybaras entering their Google doc.

5. Why did the SEO copywriter cross the road?
Someone on the other side promised them 10 backlinks, all with DAs of 75 or higher.

6. Why didn’t the copywriter’s landing page convert?
Because the designer chose the wrong font for the headline.

7. How much does a copywriter charge to write a joke?
I’ll tell you the punchline when you pay my invoice.

8. SEO copywriters are disgusting. They will literally be like, “I’m the last ranked sibling by my parents, but I’m the first ranked sibling by Google.”

9. No one:

Not a single soul:

Copywriters: I’m a Forbes-featured copywriter who has sold over $500 million worth of products and services online and invented the ‘destitute donkey’ method for detonating client inboxes.

10. Why did the copywriter rob a bank?
To get featured in the Herald Sun, The Age, Channel 10, and Fox News.

11. Why did the copywriter buy a used car instead of a new one?
Because the used car had social proof and testimonials.

12. What’s the difference between Einstein and a copywriter?
A copywriter has more proven formulas.

13. Name a copywriter’s two biggest fears:
1 – Having zero clients
2 – Speaking to clients.

14. What did the copywriter say to the procrastinator?
“I’ll write you a motivational email – later!”

15. An (unethical) copywriter dies and goes to heaven. At the gates, Saint Peter asks him:
“How can I let you in here after all the scammy products and services you sold? After all the people who parted with their hard-earned money for nothing?”

The copywriter says, “Well if you take a look at my T&Cs, you’ll see under clause 12.1 that I’m not liable in any way for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential losses or damages resulting from use of my services.”

16. A copywriter’s schedule for a sales call:
9am – 9:15am:      Coffee
9:15am – 12pm:    Psyching up for the sales call.
12pm – 12:15pm: Sales call
12:15 – 12:30pm: Celebratory coffee
12:30pm – 5pm:   De-stressing from the sales call.

17. Why did the copywriter clean their house?
To avoid writing copy for their least favourite client.

18. Why do copywriters make great friends?
They always know the right words to cheer you up.

19. How many copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb?
Only one, but they need two rounds of revisions to get the tone right.

20. What do you call a grammar rule-breaking copywriter?
A rebel without a clause.

21. Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Client who?
Client who needs a 1500-word blog article written by tomorrow COB.
Ok, what’s the topic?
**Client ghosts you***
Six months later…
Not sure yet. Do you have any suggestions?

7 Copywriting Memes

1. Upwork is full of high-paying clients, right? 😅

Upwork copywriter meme

2. Nothing beats good ol’ fake scarcity.

Copywriter fake scarcity meme

3. In Ogilvy we trust.

Copywriters love headlines meme

4. Copywriter = introvert

Copywriters are introverts meme

5. Copywriters take (almost) no satisfaction in this.

Copywriter client edits meme

6. Gotta get that introductory offer 😂

Copywriter course meme

7. To caps lock or not to caps lock 🤔

free vs FREE copywriter meme

Just Finally…

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine for a stressful day of work. From the struggle of meeting tight deadlines to the never-ending quest for the perfect headline, hopefully these jokes and memes gave copywriters a good laugh or two. Amidst the sea of jokes about lawyers, pilots, and accountants, it’s about time that copywriters had their moment in the spotlight with some well-deserved humour!

Humour is an incredible tool to use when writing copy for your business, too. There are countless examples of how powerful humour can be when selling, such as this delicious pun Grill’d used in their ad copy to promote their lamb burger.

Of course, if you want to inject some laughs into your own copywriting but don’t have a funny bone in your body, you can hire The Copy Brothers to do it for you.