9 Fantastic Food And Drink Copywriting Examples

Food and copywriting. My passion and my profession combined in one article. I’ve compiled a list of food copywriting examples that’ll turn your taste buds to high alert.

1.    Halo Top Cookie Dough Ice Cream Copy

Astonishingly, back in 2017, Halo Top became the best-selling pint of ice cream in American supermarkets, surpassing household names like Ben and Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs. They did this through a simple concept – healthy ice cream that lets you “eat the whole pint” in one sitting.

The copy for their chocolate chip cookie dough flavour makes no secret about their USP, repeatedly pointing out that Halo Top is a healthy alternative to other options on the market. They also write the amount of calories in each pint everywhere they can (and why not, given it’s about two-thirds less than other brands), including in huge numbers on the front of the tub.

Tub of Halo Top cookie dough ice cream with copy describing the flavour.

2.    Grill’d New Lamb Burger Copy

You don’t want to overdo puns… but if you use them sparingly, you can produce some memorable copywriting. That’s what Grill’d did when announcing a new burger on their website.

Lamb burger with copy explaining why it's so delicious and unique.

“UN-BAA-LIEVABLY LUXE” might be a tad corny, but it does the job. It’s memorable, and you also instantly know the burger is made from lamb. Not just any lamb, as the next line of copy points out. “The only GLQ5+ lamb burger in Australia.”

This makes it feel unique and exclusive – a burger you can’t buy anywhere else.

3.    Magic Spoon’s “Us Vs. Them” Copy

Let’s face it. Most foods have already been invented. So the vast majority of new companies sell something that already exists, with a twist on it.

Take Magic Spoon, for example. They realised the cereal market was overcrowded with unhealthy options… so they decided to create a healthier version. Instead of shying away from the issue, their marketing embraces it by comparing Magic Spoon to other popular cereals.

Copy explaining Magic Spoon cereal, along with a comparison table showcasing them against other brands.

Magic Spoon also uses a great opening line in their copy, calling out to the target market’s number one pain point – they love cereal but don’t want to eat so much sugar! The copy is short, sharp, and packed full of puns and punchy modern terms to differentiate Magic Spoon from the competition.

4.    Helga’s Website Copy

For some people, bread might be boring. That’s the challenge when writing copy for a bread brand. Helga’s has long used the line, “It’s not bread, it’s Helga’s” to imply that their bread is anything but bland. It’s a classic slogan that’s performed well for years.

Copywriting example taken from Helga's Bread website, explaining why people should buy their products.

The copy on their website adds to this idea. “We say life’s for eating, and life’s too short to eat bad bread. So we only make the good stuff.” It builds that point of difference between Helga’s and other bread companies. The visual in the final sentence is great, too… “rip it, slice it, or mop up the last of a soup with it.” Overall, it’s a fantastic example of compelling food copywriting (especially when you compare it to these examples of terrible copywriting).

5.    Impossible Foods Website Copy

This short piece of copy perfectly sums up what Impossible Foods does, and why they do it. There’s no need to get preachy and talk forever about how they’re changing the world.

Example of clever copywriting from Impossible Foods.

The copy calls out to the target market perfectly – people who love meat, but don’t love not the impact it has on the planet. Then it simply explains the benefits the target market will receive from eating their products. What more do you need?

6.    Big Little Dairy’s Wholesale Milk Copy

Picture of cows, along with some copy about Little Big Dairy's milk, and a call to action button offering a free taste.

“Each Bottle Of Our Delicious, Sustainable Milk Can Be Traced Back To The Cow Who Produced It.” What a fantastic headline. This copy instantly positions Big Little Dairy as an independent farmer who cares about the quality of milk they produce.

The rest of the copy provides more detail, giving the reader a true insight into where the comes from, and what makes it special. Follow that up with an offer that gives readers the chance to try the milk for free, and this is an excellent example of powerful copywriting.

7.    Mountain Goat Beer’s Pale Ale Product Description

Most product descriptions are bland and boring. But Mountain Goat Beer’s pale ale description is fun and playfully hits out at competitors.

Image of the product label for Goat's tasty pale ale, along with some product description copy.

In an age where craft beers are all the rage, the opening line immediately grabs your attention: “Yeah, quadruple-hopped, barrel-aged, double IPAs brewed with gold leaf and space dust are great… but have you ever had a pale ale?”

The closing sentence is used to give you an idea of what the beer actually tastes like – which is important if you want people to drink it – and the copy is smooth and easy to read.

8.    Blue Dinosaur Email Copy

A pair of hands holding a box of Blue Dinosaur protein bars, with some copywriting underneath offering a 10% discount.

This copy from Blue Dinosaur turns a boring discount coupon email into something more engaging. The “belly rumbles” and “healthy snack draw” create fantastic imagery. You can really picture yourself ripping open a Blue Dinosaur protein bar the next time you’re stomach starts to growl!

Of course, the “10% off” is a simple yet compelling offer. It mightn’t be super creative, but the discount does the trick!

9.    Carnivore Snax Ribeye Product Description

Sometimes one sentence is all you need. That’s definitely the case with this product description copy from Carnivore Snax.

Product description copy for food and beverage company Carnivore Snax, selling a dried beef snack.

“We took your favorite thick, juicy, beautifully marbled cut of steak and made it portable.” It perfectly sums up what the brand is about – making a meat snack you can eat anywhere, anytime.

The bullet point copy underneath is also short and straight to the point. It highlights the unique aspects of the product – quality beef, great taste, and high in protein – without putting you to sleep with unnecessarily long copy.

Enough Food Copywriting Examples… I’m Off To Eat Something!

These are all excellent examples of copywriting in the food and beverage industry. But all this writing has made me hungry, so I’m off to eat! In the meantime… if you want a copywriter who can produce some powerful product descriptions or compelling website copy, get in touch.