How To Write A P.S. In Emails (With 11 Examples)

In the last marketing email you received, you may have noticed a little nugget of text tucked away at the end after the sign-off, separated from the main message. It’s called the Postscript, or the P.S. for short.

The P.S. is useful in email marketing and email copywriting because so many readers skim emails or jump straight to the end. This makes the final line prime real estate, and even more valuable than the body copy. Adding a final call to action or re-stating a critical piece of information in the P.S. can increase your click-through rate and drive more revenue for your business.

Where Does The Postscript Come From?

The P.S. dates back to a time when handwritten letters were the primary mode of long-distance communication. In the age of quills and inkwells, once a letter was finished and sealed in an envelope, there was no easy way to add more content. So, if you remembered something important you forgot to include, you’d tack it on after your signature at the bottom of the page.

As time marched on, this practice carried over into typed and printed correspondence, and eventually into the digital realm of email. The P.S. became a tried-and-true method for emphasising key points or adding that extra touch of persuasion.

How Is A P.S. Used By Email Copywriters?

Many copywriters and email marketers view the P.S. as a secret weapon. That’s because so many people skim to the end of their emails without reading the body content.

When opening direct mail, it’s estimated that more than 90% of people read the P.S. before the letter. Of course, email is a different medium – but the behaviour holds true. Many people jump straight to the bottom of the email without reading the body content. Including a carefully worded P.S. can completely change the performance of your email, which is why so many copywriters do it.

Examples Of A P.S. In Marketing Emails

The P.S. is often overlooked by email copywriters and marketers. But when used effectively, it’s a fantastic way to increase engagement, drive clicks and boost revenue.

Here are some examples of ways you can incorporate a P.S. into your marketing emails:

Re-State Your CTA

Mentioning your offer once more in your P.S. can capture the attention of people who skip straight to the end of the email – and your offer is something you don’t want people to miss!


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Re-State Your Guarantee

If you offer a strong guarantee that reverses the risk of purchasing your product or trial, the postscript is a great place to remind people. It can overcome any objections people may still have about your product or service.


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Mention A Bonus

The word “bonus” is considered a power word in copywriting because it draws attention and captures clicks. Of course, if you use it over and over again, it loses its power. But if you do offer bonuses, mentioning them in places of prominence – such as the postscript of your email – can increase your conversion rate.


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Promote Your Other Products Or Platforms

Not everyone is going to buy what you’re selling in your email… but they may do something else that benefits your brand in the short term. You could use the postscript to promote your other platforms or social media channels or mention other products.


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Provide A Short Summary Of The Email

A lot of people will skip over important details of your email. If you use the P.S. to provide a TL;DR summary, they might still click the link… or even go back and read the email from the beginning.


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Tease Your Next Email

Writing intriguing subject lines aren’t the only way to increase your email open rates. You can also use open loops where you tease something your readers will find in an upcoming email you’re going to send (if you’re interested, you can read more about open loops in this post). The perfect place to use open loops is in the postscript of your email. It’ll get readers excited to open your emails before you even send them!


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Include A List Of Products Or Services

If you offer a few different products or services, listing them in your P.S. can be a simple way to increase your revenue. Of course, this works better if you only sell a handful of products… because you won’t have enough room to include a 10-page catalogue!


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Mention A Time Limit Or Price Increase

The postscript of your email can be a fantastic opportunity to increase urgency around your offer. Incorporating a deadline or time limit behind your offer creates FOMO that convinces people to act. You see this used all the time by e-commerce stores when they write copy for their emails.


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Need Help Writing Better Emails For Your Business?

If your email copywriting is falling flat, try some of the tips above! Of course, if you’d rather save yourself time and effort, you can always hire an email copywriter to do the work for you! Get in touch here for a free chat with a copywriter here.