Lee Allison is a copywriter from Melbourne, Australia. He has attracted 100,000s website visits through SEO optimised copy and helped generate $1,000,000s in online sales.

7 Bad Copywriting Examples

As a copywriter, I’ve seen firsthand the power of words. They can be the difference between a wildly successful campaign and a total flop. Good copywriting can drive sales, build brand loyalty, and even create a movement. Bad copywriting, on the other hand, can sink sales faster than the Titanic. So what makes copy bad? […]

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Copywriting Vs. SEO Copywriting: What Is The Difference?

Copywriting and SEO copywriting are two closely related disciplines. In fact, they’re so closely related many people confuse the two. While both copywriting and SEO copywriting share many similarities, the primary objective is different for each. Copywriting focuses on crafting a compelling message that motivates the target audience to take a specific action, such as

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10 Famous Female Copywriters

If you’re a direct response copywriter, you probably started your career by studying work from the industry greats. David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, John Carlton, Gary Bencivenga… the list goes on. All of these copywriters are true icons and their work is well worth studying. But besides all being genius marketers, these copywriters have

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